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In 2012, The College of Natural Sciences Dean's Office started a Bioinformatics Initiative, operated jointly by the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics (CCBB) and the Center for Systems and Synthetic Biology (CSSB), and led by CCBB's Director, Dr. Hans Hofmann. Our goal is to lower as much as possible the threshold to enter the -omics area of the life sciences. To achieve this goal, we have established a much-in-demand Bioinformatics Consulting Group, introduced a cutting-edge training program for graduate students and postdocs, and developed many popular networking opportunities in addition to high-performance computing and administrative support.

Dhivya Arasappan

Over 6 years experience analyzing NGS data from multiple platforms: Illumina, PacBio and SOLiD. Areas of expertise include: de novo genome assembly, particularly using hybrid sequencing data, RNA-Seq analysis, exome analysis, and benchmarking of bioinformatics tools.

: darasappan[at]

: Google Scholar page

Benni Goetz

Experience with transcriptome assembly and annotation, bacterial genome annotation, and next-generation sequence databases. Available to implement custom pipelines, or parallelize existing pipelines to run at TACC. Familiar with Python and Bash scripting.

: benni[at]

Dennis Wylie

Next-generation sequencing as well as other biological data using bioinformatic and machine-learning approaches. Recent projects involve differental expression analysis, variant calling, unsupervised learning (clustering, PCA), ANOVA methods, and various forms of classification and regression modeling. Familiarity with Python and Bash scripting.

: denniswylie[at]

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Walk-in Consultations

Consultants are available to discuss any bioinformatics or biocomputing questions, for up to an hour at a time. Appointments are highly recommended to ensure that a consultant is available.

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Hourly Projects

Consultants can be hired on an hourly basis to work on well-defined problems, such as data analysis, pipelines, or scripting. For examples, see this link to standard pipelines on wiki.

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Long-Term Projects

For research projects where a research team requires CCBB's expertise on a more involved, collaborative basis, consultants can be hired for a fixed percentage of their time over a pre-defined time period.

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Full Service Pipelines

Our Bioinformatics Consulting Group can also perform standardized analyses for a minimal fee. Each pipeline is a "best practices" implementation of commonly cited, open-source tools and techniques appropriate to the data provided and questions asked. For a detailed description and pricing of our Full Service Pipelines, please visit this website.

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